The Right Way To Recover Lost Chart Data In Forex Trading

The Right Way To Recover Lost Chart Data In Forex Trading
The Right Way To Recover Lost Chart Data In Forex Trading – Never had a problem with a missing chart window. This can happen because the metatrader server is unable to send data to your metatrader. Usually that happens because of delivery problems.

There are many ways to restore the data. But what is most emphasized is when you log into your account, make sure you can connect. Because our focus today will be on missing chart data while the login has been entered.

To solve this problem, make sure your chart data is really updated correctly. There are many cases of data that has not been updated causing the chart data to be an error. The error occurs usually there is no response from the server to return the error data.

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The method we use is quite simple. We take easy steps to resolve missing charts on your data. Perform the steps below, and choose which method is considered the easiest to use.

For friends who experience data loss problems, especially in important pairs, they may be very hit by the loss of data. To avoid this, try to switch to a fast connection. You can take advantage of the hotspot area, try using an internet cafe, or switch to another internet service.

But what if you still can’t. Since your internet access is already fast, you can try using the second step below. These steps may be helpful in some cases, but not in all.

There is little experience with missing data. When opening a certain pair, the chart never appears. It’s probably due to a network problem in my opinion at that time. However, after checking that internet access is good, look at the web and other window pair charts are still running, it’s possible that the chart needs to be replaced with a new one.

Next we replace the chart with a new one. And the old chart is deleted or closed and the results are correct, the chart is still dead … ha ha ha … fortunately after being patient for 3 minutes the chart has started to appear and no message appears data not found. What if you still can’t?

This is the last way if the chart window still doesn’t work. There might be an install error, there’s a system error running but a crash occurs, it could happen. So, for an easy solution, please uninstall and reinstall your metatrader.

According to experience, the uninstalled data is usually still there. For that, it is recommended to use uninstall software so that it can solve the uninstall problem to its roots. The easiest one can take advantage of Revo Uninstaller. Some of the software is free and some are paid. Just choose the free one… hi hi..

You can solve the missing chart problem in various ways. To return it to the way it was, you can apply it by reinstalling metatrader, changing charts, or speeding up the connection. If it still doesn’t work, there may be a problem with your broker’s server. It doesn’t need to be prevented, just wait and then in a few minutes the chart data will usually reappear.

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