Karen Jones, World’s Greatest Female Trader

World's Greatest Female Trader
World’s Greatest Female Trader – It is common knowledge that the number of female traders and analysts in forex is still scarce. If anything, they prefer to focus on fundamental analysis. Kathy Lien and Jane Foley are examples of forex traders and experts who focus more on fundamental analysis. Meanwhile, technical analysis is often considered the world of male traders. However, this is not entirely true.

Who says technical analysis is only controlled by male traders? Women also turned out to be successful not only as a trader, but also a technical analyst. Karen Jones is the real inspiration of this phenomenon. The analyst who now serves as the Head of FICC Technical Analysis at Commerzbank has more than 20 years of experience. Want to know how he worked in the face of the challenges of working as a technical analyst? Let’s take a look at the full story together.

Karen Jones started her career as a junior technical analyst at Sucden, a broker that focuses on trading the commodity markets. From the beginning, this British female analyst was faced with an interesting situation when the market crash occurred in October 1987. She felt very challenged to draw spectacular lines on her chart when the stock market fell drastically at that time.

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Karen became interested in forex when she joined Credit Suisse. Whether coincidentally or not, Karen’s joining the company was again marked by a big event, Black Wednesday to be exact. “It was the right and exciting moment to start focusing on forex”, he thought. But unfortunately, Karen Jones was inactive during an important event where EUR/USD was officially traded.

Currently, Karen Jones occupies one of the important positions at Commerzbank, namely as Lead Technical Analyst for FICC (fixed income, commodities and currencies). He claims to have built his career from a technical analyst position for forex and gold in the finance department. Gradually, due to the increasing demand for technical analysts, Karen’s scope expanded to interest-bearing assets and commodities, until she finally reached the top position in the technical analysis research team for FICC.

Karen Jones’ expertise as a technical analyst is unquestionable. Not only occupying the top position in one of the top financial companies, Karen is also a member of STA (Society of Technical Anlysts), an exclusive association of technical analysts. In addition, Karen Jones has always been ranked first or second since 2013 in the Euromoney FX survey.

Karen Jones specialization focuses on technical analysis to identify trading opportunities from Dow Theory, Fibonacci, chart patterns, candle patterns, oscillators, inter-market analysis, and filters.

Of the many trading instruments that Karen Jones has covered, forex is considered the most interesting. The reason is none other than its volatility and suitability for technical analysis. Also, the forex market opening hours 24 hours a day is seen by Karen as an attraction for beginners to be able to get more data.

Why is forex a suitable area for technical analysis? Karen Jones mentions 2 reasons to support this opinion: forex trading can be done in a shorter timeframe, and forex traders tend to rely more on charts in their analysis.

Karen Jones: There is no difference between male and female traders

From the point of view of analytical methods, Karen Jones did not find any difference between male and female traders. This opinion is taken from her own experience, having worked with 3 other female analysts in a team. They even got a special nickname: “Chart Tarts” because of their expertise in technical analysis.

However, one thing he can conclude with certainty is: there is a desire to group oneself. What we see from the differences between male and female traders so far can be formed because of the desire to compartmentalize themselves into a certain group of analysis.

As a technical analyst with a gender who is still a minority, Karen often appears as the only woman at various analyst meetings. In an excerpt from his interview with FXStreet, he proudly shares his relaxed attitude towards the situation. “I’ve never felt compelled to always agree with the majority. After all, I’m a technical analyst and I’m paid to provide my own perspective.” so he said.

The key, this all comes back to each of us. The difference will be felt when we are aware of it and tend to limit ourselves. Karen Jones never felt the difference because she never limited herself to easily agreeing with the views of the majority.

Talking about the prospects for women in the forex world, Karen believes that there will not be a “flood” of female traders in the near future. “Indeed, forex trading can be done from home. This definitely makes it easier for those who are married and want to continue their careers. But I don’t see that female traders will be able to increase drastically just because of that. Also, this possibility will not create a crucial influence on the market .” that’s what he thinks.

The final word

Although there are still few, successful female analysts in the technical field do exist. Karen Jones managed to prove herself as someone who has succeeded in this field. It was her determination to be confident in her analysis, as well as the confidence to move forward in the midst of the dominance of male analysts that made Karen Jones the successful analyst she is today. Of course, this can be an inspiration for you female traders who want to grow with your technical analysis skills.

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