Biography of George Soros, World’s Most Successful Trader

World's Most Successful Trader

World’s Most Successful Trader – A Soros will always be remembered by some for his services by establishing a foundation and one of the largest donations in the world. Therefore, it is not wrong if Soros is considered a generous hero. But behind this greatness, he is also widely criticized for his work. How’s the story? Let’s discuss it below.

George Soros is an American radical capitalist, financial and economic businessman, stock investor, and political activist. George Soros is a Jew and was imprisoned during World War I. George Soros (Shorosh) was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. Its companies in Indonesia include PT Bumi Resources Tbk and oil palm plantations in Aceh. George Soros is of Jewish ethnic descent.

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In 1956, he immigrated to the United States. Worked as a trader and analyst until 1963. During this period, Soros studied Karl Popper’s philosophy and developed the “theory of reflexivity”, a search idea to explain the relationship between thought and reality, which was used as a basis for predicting economic bubbles. . Then he began to apply his theory to investment activities. In 1973, he founded an investment company which later became known as the Quantum Fund.

Soros’s ability to predict the outbreak of economic bubbles is the main capital to make wealth. He will invest in a region whose economy is developing. When the development began to be unnatural or an anomaly, he immediately withdrew his investment funds before the economic development broke out.

So it is natural that Soros is often accused of being the cause of the crisis. What actually happened was that Soros knew of a crisis and he had anticipated it beforehand. So, even though George Soros did nothing, the crisis still happened because it was ‘destined’.

In Asia, George Soros was accused by Mahathir Muhammad of causing the Asian economic crisis. According to Mahathir, some of the countries that were most affected were South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, which caused the currencies of these countries to be low and the effects are still being felt. Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines were also affected. Mahathir Muhammad also brought up Soros’ lineage as a Jew and carried anti-Semitic sentiments. This accusation leaves a negative image for ordinary Indonesians.

In England, George Soros indeed famous for his act of rocking the Bank of England, famous for the events of “Black Wednesday” in 1992. Yes, he did. With a lump of money amounting to 8.5 billion US dollars and finally able to bombard the financial economy. He was listed by Forbes magazine as the 80th richest person in the world.

The first chairman of the FED (Federal Reserve Department), Paul Volcker, in 2003 wrote a foreword to Soros’ book The Alchemy (which is defined as a philosophy and spiritual discipline) of Finance thus:

“George Soros has succeeded in establishing himself as a The world’s biggest successful speculator, where he also managed to get a lot of money from his investment. The biggest part of its success is making the world community aware to “open their eyes” to the world of trading and also more importantly willing to accept new ideas from all thoughts and habits in investing which continues to grow rapidly.”

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