Ben Bernanke’s Success In Forex Trading

Ben Bernanke's Success In Forex Trading

Ben Bernanke’s Success In Forex Trading – Who doesn’t know about this influential figure. Ben Bernanke is the most powerful man in the world of finance. His every word is now a great force that can stimulate trade, especially in Forex trading. Imagine, one market instruction Ben was able to do in one statement. The power of his words is great. But behind his current success is indeed influenced by his stories in the past. How’s the story? Let’s look at the origins of Ben bernanke.

Today, the important role of central bankers in guiding and shaping financial conditions cannot be underestimated. In assessing the challenges facing Bernanke, author Johan Van Overtveldt examines Greenspan’s long record as the previous chairman of the Central Bank (The Fed), as well as Bernanke’s career as an economist before heading the Fed.

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Bernanke was born in Augusta, Georgia on December 13, 1953 and raised in Dillon, South Carolina as the eldest of three children, consisting of a brother and sister. Philip, Ben’s father, is a pharmacist who also works odd jobs as a theater manager. Meanwhile, Edna, his mother, is a school teacher.

Little Ben’s family lived in a Jewish area, with the synagogue’s local name being Ohav Shalom. As a child, Bernanke also learned Hebrew from his grandfather, Jonas, a Torah reader and professional Hebrew teacher. Ben’s father and uncle are ex-owners and managers of the drugstore they bought from Ben’s grandfather. Jonas who immigrated from Austria to the US after World War I and finally settled in Dillon from New York in 1940.

After graduating from high school in 1971, Ben was accepted at Harvard University, where he received a cum laude (highest GPA) with a BA in Economics in 1975. He also believed that a lack of understanding of Greenspan’s rigid ideology would lead to more political issues. .

The crises that plagued the US economy put Central Bank banker, Ben Bernanke, under intense scrutiny. Bernanke at that time was facing a tough test as the banker of America’s central bank that was created for him. Mostly by his predecessor, Alan Greenspan.

According to Time magazine, Bernanke deserves the nickname (the most powerful man in the financial world) because he has shaped the United States’ monetary policy to survive a recession and for his struggle to save the global economy from the brink. For example, when Greenspan published “Bush’s Tax Cut,” when the public asked about monetary policy, he replied that it was none of his business. Of course, his book on economics talks more or less about Greenspan’s libertarianism and the emphasis on Adam Smith’s theory.

Time’s managing editor, Richard Stengel, said, “Bernankemore than anyone else, is standing tall to deal with what’s happened this year.” Stengel described the Fed as the most powerful, secretive, and elusive force in the economy, and the Fed’s actions have a profound impact on everyday life.

Learning from the Great Depression of the 1930s, Bernanke avoided dealing with the economic crisis at the time which he believed would only exacerbate the effects of the crisis. Since the occurrence of bad credit, the 56-year-old man has played a major role in the US government’s US$700 billion banking bailout program.

Under his supervision, The Fed cut interest rates to near zero and injected liquidity into the US economy by providing low-interest loans (cheap money) to the market. His decision to cut the US discount rate by 50 bps received much praise for saving the US stock market from the crisis caused by the subprime mortgage effect. At least since this writing Wallstreet has started to creep up towards the point before the fall. We’ll see how Ben’s next action.


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